(This page covers Credit rating revisions of some focus Indian  stocks from rating agencies like CRISIL, CARE, ICRA, Brickwork etc. , Bonds etc. which is a good indicator of  improvement/downtrend in their overall financial health.) 

16/11/18  ICRA has revised its rating for Non-convertible Debentures (‘NCDs’) of IDFC Bank from AAA (Stable) to AA+ (Stable). This revision reflects ICRA’s expectations that the bank’s profitability, even after the proposed merger with Capital First Limited, would remain subdued in the near to medium term. The above is however expected to be offset by significantly better asset quality for the merged entity as IDFC Bank has significantly provided for the stressed assets before the merger and shall result in limited credit provisioning going forward

11/09/18 YES BANK’s INR 4000 crore Proposed Basel III Tier 2 Bonds receive AAA from CARE Ratings and AA + from India Ratings & Research with a Stable Outlook 

06/009/18 Phoenix Mills Limited’s associate Classic Mall’s Series 1 & 2 NCDs upgraded by India Ratings to ‘IND AAA(SO)’/Stable’

06/09/18 JK Paper Limited: lnd-Ra has upgraded/assigned its ratings of the Company Long Term Rating (IND A+/Stable from lND A/Positive); FD (IND AA-/Stable from lND A+/Stable’); Short Term Rating IND A1+ (Upgraded from ‘lND A1’)

05/09/18  Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited : Crisil has reaffirmed the credit rating of ‘CRISIL AA+/Stable’ for Rs. 850 Crores limit of fund & non-fund based facilities and term loans. Further assigned! the credit rating of ‘CRISIL AA+/Stable’ for the proposed Issue of NonConvertibe Debentures of Rs. 300 Crores.  Click  for Details

30/08/18 Indian Terrain Fashion: CRISIL upgraded long and short term rating of the company to CRISIL BBB+/Stable and CRISIL A2 respectively.

24/08/18 Tamilnadu Petroproducts: CARE Ratings has upgraded the credit rating of company’s long term bank facilities worth Rs 60 crore to BBB+/stable from BBB/stable; long/short term bank facilities worth Rs 63 crore to BBB+ stable/A3+ from BBB stable/A3

23/08/18 Jubiliant Life Sciences – Upgrade in Credit rating by India Ratings ;Long-term Upgraded to ‘IND AA/Stable’ from ‘IND AA-/Stable’. Ind-Ra has also affirmed Company’s Short Term credit rating of ‘IND A1+’. Click here for Details

21/08/18 Sterlite Technologies: ICRA has upgraded rating on the non-convertible debenture programme and long-term rating for the line of credit (LOC) of the Company to ”[ICRA] AA from ”[ICRA] AA-”, and reaffirmed its ”[ICRA] A1+” rating on the company’s commercial paper program.

16/08/18 Satin Creditcare:  ICRA Limited has revised the credit for various instruments . In general upgraded from  BBB+ rating upgrade to A-.  Click here for Details

14/08/18 Sandhar Technologies : India Ratings Upgrades Sandhar Technologies Credit rating  to ‘IND AA-‘/Stable , Rationale: Deleveraged using IPO Proceeds, improved financial performance,  Comfortable Liquidity, Diversified Product offerings, Technological Tieups. Click here for Details

08/08/18 Mastek:  Credit Rating Agency ICRA has reaffirmed the ratings assigned for the Line of Credit and the outlook on the Long Term rating has been revised to Positive from Stable. Click here for Details

08/08/18 JAMNA AUTO – Upgrade in Credit rating by ICRA; Long-term Upgraded to [AA from AA- ; Short-term: Re-affirmed at A1+

10/07/18 IDFC BanK: India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) has downgraded IDFC Bank’s non-convertible debenture (NCD) ratings from ‘AAA/RWN’ (rating watch negative) to ‘AA+/ Stable’.

05/07/18 UMANG DIARIES – ICRA has upgraded long-term rating on the Bank facilities of Rs. 34 Crore of the Company to BBB- from BB+. The outlook on the long-term rating is Stable.

21/06/18 Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL): CARE’ has upgraded the Credit Ratings of the Company to A-; Stable (Single A Minus; Outlook: Stable) on account of significant improvements in the key rating drivers.

17/05/18 Indo Count: ICRA has reaffirmed the long term rating as ICRA (AA minus) with a positive outlook. CARE ratings has reaffirmed the long term bank facilities as CARE AA . The outlook on the long term facilities has been revised to “Negative” from “Stable”;ICRA and CARE have reaffirmed rating for the short term bank facilities as ICRA A1+ and CARE A1+ and respectively.

11/04/18 AURIONPRO SOLUTIONS -Long-term Bank facilities Upgraded to ‘CARE BBB+; Positive’ from ‘CARE BBB; Stable’; Short-term Bank facilities: Upgraded to ‘CARE A3+’ from ‘CARE A3’

05/04/18  JINDAL STEEL & POWER – Long-term debt facilities & NCDs: Upgraded Investment Grade rating to “CARE BBB-: Outlook: Stable” from “CARE D” Non fund based & Short-term working capital facilities: Upgraded to “CARE A3” from “CARE D”

17/11/17 NCL Industries: CRISIL has assigned the following ratings: Fund based working capital facilities (Rs 100 crore) – CRISIL BBB+/ Positive; Non fund based working capital facilities (Rs 5 crore) – CRISIL A2; Fixed Deposits (Rs 60 crore) – CRISIL FA-.

25/09/17 Shakti Pumps : CARE has revised the ratings for bank facilities availed by the company  -Long term bank facilities – CARE A-; Stable (Revised from CARE BBB+) Short term bank facilities – CARE A2+ (Revised from CARE A2); 

04/09/17 Reliance Infrastructure Ltd: CARE Ratings has downgraded long-term and short-term debt and non-convertible debentures  Click Here for Details

28/08/17 Suzlon: CARE Ratings upgrades long term rating of Suzlon Global Services  (A subsidiary of Suzlon Energy) to A (Provisional) Click Here for Details

14/08/17 Manappuram Finance: CARE  has upgraded long term rating to CARE AA from CARE AA- for Bank Facilities of Rs. 5680 crores and NCDs of Rs.580 crores.

31/05/17 Brigade Enterprises: ICRA upgrades Long Term rating for Bank facilities ICRA A(stable) from ICRA A(Negatove). Short term rating unchanged at ICRA A1.  Click Here for Details

09/05/17 Trident Industries: Long Term rating for Bank facilities  revised to Crisil A+(stable)/ A(Stable). Short term rating unchanged at A1+ http://docdro.id/xB0jrFi

29/4/17  Endurance Technologies Ltd: New Credit Rating Obtained for ICRA. AA+ for Long Term Borrowings,  A1+ for Short term borrowings. http://docdro.id/yKv6uTe

18/4/17  India Ratings & Research (Ind-Ra) has upgraded NCC’s long term issuer rating to ‘IND A-‘ from ‘IND BBB+‘ and maintained a stable outlook.

21`/03/17 Icra cuts outlook on Satin Creditcare bonds to negative

15/03/17 Escorts Limited: ICRA has upgraded the long-term rating from A- to A with upward change in outlook from STABLE to POSITIVE . ICRA has also affirmed the short-term rating to A1

14/03/17 Eros Internationa: S&P Global lowers company’s rating to B-

27/02/17 PNC Infratech: CARE has upgraded credit ratings on bank facilities worth Rs. 245.3 crore of PNC Raibareli Highways Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of PNC Infratech from CARE BBB to CARE BBB+
21/02/17: Gulf Oil Lubricants: CARE has reaffirmed Credit Rating CARE AA- stable

21/01/17  Edelweiss Financial Servcies Ltd :  CRISIL assigns A1+ rating to Rs 3000 cr short Term debt issue. Reaffirms rating on existing debt instruments at A1+

13/01/17  Hester Biosciences Ltd.:  CARE has upgraded the long term bank facilities from BBB+  to A- ; Short term bank facilities from CARE A3+ has been upgraded to CARE A2.

13/12/16 RBL Bank: ICRA has assigned the rating of “ICRA A1+” to the Certificate of Deposit programme of the Bank for an enhanced amount of Rs. 3000 Crores.

01/12/16  Ujjivan Financial: ICRA  assigns rating of A+(stable) to NCD programme as company is in process of transforming into a small bank.

09/12/16 Wockhardt: India Rating revises Wockhardt outlook to  -ve and its long-term issuer rating has been downgraded to ‘IND AA-‘ from ‘IND AA’. http://bit.ly/2htPZeM

02/12/16 Vindhya Telelinks :CARE has assigned an upward revision in the credit rating for Bank facilities of company from CARE A+ to CARE AA- / Stable.08/12/16 Welspun India Limited: CARE which had on August 25, 2016 placed the company under credit watch. has on December 05, 2016, maintained the credit rating of the Company by removing the credit watch.

02/11/16 Standard & Poor’s has affirmed ‘BBB-/A-3’ credit ratings for India.  It said that the outlook for country remains stable

27/10/16 Suzlon: CARE revises rating to investment grade BBB(earlier BBB-) for Bank facilities & proposed working capital enhancements

04/10/16 Trident Ltd: CRISIL has revised upwards credit rating on the company’s  Long term bank facilities to CRISIL A/ Stable (Upgraded from ‘CRISIL A-/satble) and Short term bank facilities to CRISIL A1 (Upgraded from ‘CRISIL A2+’) Press release: https://www.nseindia.com/corporate/PressRelease_CreditRatingUpgradation_TridentLimited_14102016122857_094.zip

12/10/16 Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd:  Fitch Ratings has affirmed the long-term foreign-currency issuer default rating (IDR) of realty developer at B+; Outlook stable

10 /10/16 VRL Logistics Ltd : ICRA has upgraded the Long term rating of  The long-term rating  from ICRA BBB (Stable) to ICRA BBB+ (Stable).

08/10/16 Mercator: CARE has revised downwards credit rating on the company’s Short term bank facilities to CARE A3+ (from A2+) and Long term bank facilities/ NCDs to CARE BBB ( from A1-)

05/10/16 Indo Count Industries: CARE has upgraded credit rating on the company’s long term bank facilities to CARE AA and short term bank facilities to CARE A1+.

03/10/16 Jubilant Life Sciences Limited: CARE has revised  Company’s rating ; Long term bank facilities – CARE AA ( from AA-) ; Short term bank facilities – CARE A1+ (Reaffirmed) ; NCDs AA (from AA-); Commercial paper A1+ (Reaffirmed)

03/10/16 CEAT Ltd: CARE has revised  Company’s rating ; Long term bank facilities – CARE AA ( from AA-) ; Short term bank facilities – CARE A1+ (Reaffirmed) ; NCDs AA (from AA-); Commercial paper A1+ (Reaffirmed)

has informed the Exchange that the Company has received a Ratings upgrade of one notch higher from CARE AA-(Care Doube A-) to CARE AA(CARE DOUBLE A) from Credit Analysis and research Limited.
01/10/16 DCM Shriram Industries: CARE has revised  Company’s rating ; Long term bank facilities – CARE BBB+ (Revised from CARE BBB) ; Short term bank facilities – CARE A3 (Reaffirmed) ; Fixed deposit programme – CARE BBB+ (FD) ( from CARE BBB(FD))

27/09/16  Tata Motors:  Moody’s Investors Service Global Credit Research has upgraded  the credit rating of the company; Corporate Family Rating “Ba1” from “Ba2”; Senior unsecured  Instrument Ratings “Ba1” from “Ba2”

24/9/16 Monte Carlo Fashions: ICRA reaffirms A1+ rating assigned to Company’s Commercial Paper Program of 100 Crore. It has upgraded Long term rating to AA-from A+ and reaffirmed short term rating to A1+ for 300 Crore line of Credit of the Company.

19/9/16 Astral Poly Technik Ltd: Crisil has reconfirmed  credit ratings of the company ; Long Term Facilities AA-/Stable   ; Short Term Facilities A1+ ; Commercial Paper  A1+

19/9/16 CRISIL assigns A+/Stable rating for Asirvad Microfinance Ltd

19/9/16 India Ratings upgrades NCC to ‘IND BBB+’/Positive

16/9/16 S&P upgrades Cyprus  credit rating to ‘BB’ from ‘BB-‘, affirms positive outlook.

31/8/16 Crisil downgrades  Pratibha Industries stock rating to default

31/8/16 CRISIL, has upgraded the rating for India Infoline Finance Ltd, the non-banking finance arm of IIFL Group and its subsidiary India Infoline Housing Finance Ltd, to ‘CRISIL AA/Stable’ from ‘CRISIL AA-/Stable’. The rating is applicable on the long-term debt instruments of the company.